#RG12: Twitter at the French Open

The French Open has never been a popular grand slam tournament for Americans. Most Americans learn to play tennis on the faster hard courts, and many Americans on the pro tour have trouble adjusting to the red clay surface, used regularly by many European countries. With the fifth day of the tournament coming to a close, there is only one American left in the singles draw; furthermore, she is a nineteen year old girl. Sloane Stephens, from Fort Lauderdale, has shown tremendous resiliency and maturity well beyond her years; and, of course, Stephens has displayed an extraordinary amount of raw…

Social Media Case Study: Jenna Marbles

After the seeing success of our last social media case study, we've decided to follow up with a second study that examines a woman who has used youtube to become a household name. Jenna Mourey (Jenna Marbles) is not your average American looking for a way to find instant fame by looking stupid in front of the camera. In fact, this girl actually has a masters in sports psychology from Boston University. Instead of finding a job in the field she trained to enter, she found herself working as a go-go dancer at a Boston nightclub. One night, she decided to…

New Update for WebMaster Tools! Hooray!

Yesterday, Google expanded the historical search query data to 90 days. Additionally, the number of queries reported has increased, The report will now list the top 2,000 for each day of the selected date range (vs. the previous top 1,000). If you use Google webmaster tools query data, see below for all the details of how these reports work.

Top Search Queries Report

The top search queries report lists the top queries that brought traffic to your site from Google organic search (from all countries and properties).

Summary Data

For the selected data range, the report shows the total number of queries that brought…

Mobile Reports Now In Facebook Insights!

Mobile referrals and demographics are now available on Facebook! For well over a year, business owners kept hearing that up to 50% of Facebook's traffic is driven by mobile devices. However, their wasn't any way to know if this was true for their business and there wasn't any personalized stats to prove it this theory. One of the staggering facts in Facebook’s public filing last month was that 50% of their traffic is driven by mobile devices. That’s about 5x more than the average website. Earlier this month, Facebook updated Insights reporting to occur in real-time and new in-depth mobile reporting will continue to grow…

How Google Reviews Your Ads

With over $36 billion spend in Google's advertising in 2011, Ads are supposed to be helpful for businesses to sell their products and increase consumer awareness to purchase these products. The questions is, when is too much and how does Google filter all the 'spam'?

Here is how it works...Google uses a combination of technologies and manual review to sort through and detect junk. Google spends millions of dollars each year building and modifying its technical architecture and learning models to mitigate this problem. The systems are designed to detect and remove ads that contain a virus and/pr fictitious download sites before these ads…

Interesting New Geo-messaging Service for Smart Phones

There is a cool new messaging service for mobile devices out there. It’s called vibe and it is still very small but the concept is an intriguing one. It is free, anonymous, and reliant on GPS. You can send out messages to a radius of your choice, be it your apartment building, your neighborhood, or your city. With only 12,000 users Vibe is by no means a social media giant. It has gained most of those users, however, in the past few weeks. The service has gained traction with the savvy occupy Wall Street movement because it allows people to organize with…

Facebook is Doing Great Things that Will Help Small Businesses! Hooray!

By Marissa Oakeley

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook made some pretty significant changes to their overall look. This new change will impact how brands talk to customers, leverage content, and advertise on the world's largest social network. "Timeline" as it's been called, is rolling out to all Facebook pages on March 29. Some have already made the switch, but if you haven't you still have time to customize pages prior to launch.

What will you have to do as a small businesses in order to be ready for March 29? If you have an existing Facebook page, there are a few key things you need to know…

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