DIGITAL AGILITY BLOG Archive: October, 2013

Responsive Theming for Website Mobility - A Must Have in Today’s Mobile World

Have you ever looked at a website on your phone and just given up after trying to click on miniscule links or resizing the text of every page to actually be able to read something? Or worse, is this the experience that your site users have waiting for them on their phones? That is a very likely scenario if you have not taken the time to ensure that your site has a responsive theme.

Responsive themes are just what they sound like. We call your website design a “theme,” so a responsive theme is one that responds and adjusts intelligently to the device on which it is…

E-Commerce is not E-Commerce is not E-Commerce

So much has been written about E-Commerce. Unfortunately the term is so broad that it is almost meaningless. It can span from something as huge as's worldwide order fulfillment process to a blog site selling an ebook for downloading. When it comes to talking about your E-Commerce site, there are many aspects that deserve consideration.

One of the primary questions to be answered is, “Will your website exist for the purpose of selling products, or will products be an ancillary concern?” Many other decisions will stem from this basic choice. doesn't use the same software to run their business that a blog does. Makes…