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Email marketing, if done right, is the most cost-effective generator of website traffic and conversions.  Email can even be a huge revenue generator if it is constructed in just the right sequence, with creative messaging specific to what the receiver is wanting to read backed up by calls to action.

Custom Design. Most systems come with pre-designed templates but if you want results, a carefully design message is very important.  Our designers are expert at this.

Strategy. When and how often should you be sending emails?  How do you keep your clients attention and not annoy them?  We work with you to build a strategy that is effective.

List Building. We will help build your email subscription lists through targetted ads landing on web site opt-in forms, invitations and incentives. 

Creative, Crafty Copywriting. Its all about what you say getting the right response.  The right message can mean

Tracking & Measurement.  Every campaign is tracked in detail, showing emails opened and links clicked, so that we know how different messages perform. With that data you can adjust your message and modify other campaigns.

Administration. Using email marketing systems like CreateSend, we prevent duplication, track unsubscribes and remove incorrect addresses, insuring a clean, usable list. We can also provide you with access to your own account, so that you can use our templates to send emails as needed.

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