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Tracking your app’s performance and usage is a key part of the app management process.  This is often referred to as "app analytics" and used correctly, can be a competitive advantage during the lifetime of your app.  The interpretation of these statistics is not always straightforward, nor is making the right course corrections based on your findings.  This is where professional assistance can help.  The Xynergy® team has years of experience in analytics work and is "Google Analytics Qualified.” 

Monitoring your app’s performance in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store can give you a basic understanding of your app’s trajectory, whether you measure by sales dollars, installations, uninstalls, in-app purchases, sessions, or product page views.  This is information about your app as a whole, and the store provides that to you as part of your app’s distribution agreement.

If you want to dive deeper, and measure what people actually do within your app, then you need an additional toolset.  Google Firebase can meet that need.   Embedding Firebase in your app allows Google to capture each action taken, such as menu selections, screen views, notification opens, session starts, and anything else you want to track.  It combines these events with location and demographic data to provide a comprehensive picture of who uses your app and what they do with it.    This priceless data can then be used to direct your ongoing development efforts and can also help you to refine your marketing messaging.


If you need help implementing analytics in your iOS or Android app, contact Xynergy® today.

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