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Potential clients need to see your business on the first page of results when those clients are looking for your product.  If your site is not there, you are loosing huge amounts of potential business.     Search Engine Optimization is the foundation for establishing that ranking and is a complex process affected by more than just the words on your pages. 

Google, Bing and Yahoo are used for over 95% of the U.S. searches (see  Each have different criteria and careful attention and strategy must be applied to get solid, lasting results.

We do thorough SEO and SEM work for our clients including the following elements of search engine optimization.

  • Pro-active SEO Management - On-going updates based on deep analysis and interpretation of the Google Analytics to improve search engine optimization results. Tracked and modified to generate leads and penetrate the target audiences identified with a focused keyword strategy.
  • SEO Technical Scans and corrections - (Google)
  • Schema Development – comprehensive monthly updates and changes.
  • Back-linking and Back-link authority assessment – including disavowing back links
  • In-page optimization – title tags, meta tags, content refinement and additions
  • Monthly Reporting - Monthly reporting, meetings and/or calls with client to review results, identify opportunities and agree upon action plan.
  • Blog and Featured Content - copywriting, keyword use and promotion of a monthly blog for SEO and social media. This is a critical way to improve online results and drive additional traffic to the website from other virtual sources.
  • Video Blogging
  • Online Directory and Local Listings are listings on website like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List.  They are essential to helping potential customers discover your business.  We monitor the listings and make periodic updates in order to expand the website’s reach and increase organic search options.
  • Landing Page design and A/B Split test modifications

With strategic Search Engine Optimization, we can get you the rankings you want.

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Not Ready for a full-service plan?  Just want basic fundamental setups?  

Xynergy offers two options to make sure the fundamentals are taken care of properly.


Basic Website SEO Initialization

This package is meant to install basic tracking tools, identify the most lucrative search terms and perform your basic initial page optimization.  It is the first steps needed before beginning a monthly in-depth marketing plan.  Its important to do this as soon as the site goes live so you can start collecting tracking data.

Local Directory Listings Service

In addition to search engine ranking, directory listings are vital.  We can manage the on-going monitoring and periodic updates of the top 5 and up to 10 additional industry specific directories online to help expand the reach and increase organic search options that lead to the main website. Additional listing directories will be added and managed as identified until the maximum number has been reached.

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