Digital Marketing, SEO & Advertising Plans

Expose your Brand.  Land new customers.

This is an exclusive service for those that are ready to get serious about their online marketing.   

In addition to in-depth research, market analysis, usability and conversion reviews, we develop a "Go-to-Market" plan specific to your status, industry and goals.  

Xynergy® sychronizes the complex elements of search engine marketing/ranking and social media, advertising, and advanced tracking for our clients – providing regular reporting and implementing timely technical audits.   Our experience with different types of businesses has revealed the best approaches and methods to apply.    While some businesses need serious social media, there are some that do not.  However, nearly all businesses benefit from solid Search Engine Ranking/SEO campaigning.  It is a foundational component of what we do.

We work to build your brand, convert new customers, and engage existing ones.
The work we perform is prioritized and specific to each customer, but typically includes:

Integrated Marketing Options

An online marketing plan typically includes:

Operating Internet Communications (website, mobile app, social media platforms, email and reputation management) is a complex proposition.  We turn that complexity into business fuel.    

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This is all about your website coming up on the first page for a specific search.    In order to reliably and consistently obtain a high ranking from search engines and a continual increase in traffic from other sources, many moving elements must be enacted both technical, content (copy & media), and 3rd party advertising.  We get results but they require a long-term committment and at least 20 hours per month of our time.  We custom design a strategic plan to match your company goals.  High search engine ranking and customer conversion has become an art form.  We excel in that art form.

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Xynergy excels in Google Adwords, Bing, Yelp and Facebook advertising. This requires bid fees and sophisticated tracking and monitoring but yields instantaneous results.

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Focuses on content development and daily monitoring of multiple social network platforms to expand promotions, extend the reach of content – like blogs – and special offers and raise the level of engagement with followers. Based on the content calendar and opportunities that arise for on-the-fly postings, Xynergy will manage the online social media pages to help reach a broader audience and incorporate pictures, videos, and current events.

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  • Copywriting – for website, social media and newsletters
  • Video and Image Development will help tie content, SEO, social media, and blogs together with images that are consistent with the online branding. This approach will ensure that all images and videos have the express consent of the owner to be used for promotional purposes. Adding the visual elements to your monthly packages will help significantly raise your online results and is a nice complement to our social media management and search engine optimization services.

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  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration is a key foundation step.  We train our clients how to view and interpret the information.
  • Personalization – present different messages on your website based on the viewers actions, how they found you and what they are looking for.
  • Calls to Action and Conversion tracking
  • Monitor Individual Actions – as a viewers browses your website.

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  • List Building
  • Promotional eNewsletter – design, setup and management of email newsletters including customer segmenting and tracking.

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