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No other platform offers the ability to target a particular demographic the way that Facebook does.

This aspect alone makes it a valuable tool that your business can use to gather potential clients. Xynergy uses Facebook to create campaigns that are specific to your target market, leading to high click through rates, and little wasted budget.

Our team of graphic designers can create visually stunning ads, ensuring that we will catch a viewer’s attention. Furthermore, the Facebook network allows you to run ads on Instagram simultaneously. This creates a reach that no other social media platform can match in today’s industry.

Our Facebook Ad Campaigns include graphic design, demographic targeting, ad campaign set up, and daily monitoring.

In order for us to take on a Facebook campaign, we require that you start with at least $150 a month in bid fees. This ensure that we have a budget that is large enough to run an effective campaign.

Want results now and would prefer beautiful ads which reach the right people?

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