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Website analytics is a specialized field of expertise that gets broader and deeper every day.  Decades of experience in evolving web technologies positions Xynergy® to not only surf the waves but to plumb the depths and find your buried treasure.   Our award-winning team has helped hundreds of clients realize their dream of a beautifully-designed unique website.   That’s just the Xynergy® baseline, however.  

The web has become an extremely competitive environment, and the days of build-it-and-they-will-come are long gone.   That’s where Xynergy® shines, because when you partner with us, we help you build a website that performs.  Website analytics are the core of our process, which starts before a designer touches their mouse or a developer touches their keyboard. 

Our team meets with you to help define the vision, messaging, and content that the website needs to convey to be congruent with your business goals.  Then an analytics specialist researches the competitive environment to discover the most effective wording, channels, and advertising routes we can use to help you get eyeballs on your site.  The website design and build proceeds from these recommendations.  You could say we adhere to the famous architectural principle of “Form follows Function.”

Just getting people to come to your site is one hurdle.  Often you will see this referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), although it’s a much bigger subject if done correctly.  Once they have landed on your site, then what happens?  That is the next challenge.  

Your website should have defined goals that you would like people to achieve and clear navigational pathways to assist.  These paths are often called “funnels", and the outcomes “conversions”.  If you do not track the effectiveness of these funnels and conversions and work over time to improve them, then your site is not performing at highest potential.  Our team is skilled in evaluating the data, and testing and refining so that your site is continuously improving over time. 

Often people think the day you launch your website is the day you can forget about it.  That is a sure road to eventual failure.  Instead, if you partner with us, launch day is the day we bring other strategies into play, again based on the research from project inception.  We might recommend a Google Adwords campaign, social media posts and “boosts” on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, or other mechanisms appropriate to your industry and specialty.  Analytics informs all of these recommendations so that your return on investment is closely monitored.

Many of our clients find this sort of work difficult or tedious, requiring expertise beyond what they have time to develop themselves.   Xynergy® offers a marketing retainer plan at a favorable rate to allow our clients to direct the work while leaving the heavy lifting to our experienced staff.  If this interests you, contact us today to discuss your needs.


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