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Here we let our clients do the talking about our digital marketing and web development services – a sort of digital reviews section. If you’d like to discuss our work with any of these clients, let us know and we’ll provide you contact information.

The Borderplex Alliance

The Borderplex AllianceI've done several website redesigns and no one has made the process as smooth and easy as XYNERGY. They have the uncanny ability to know what we need before we did and were proactive in their approach. We will certainly turn to them with any future web redesign needs.

— Brenda Arredondo-Ratner
Director, The Raben Group

Inn of the Governors

— Sam Gerberding

New Mexico Summer Food Service Program

Summer Food ProgramXynergy provided us with the quality product we needed, along with professional, and responsive support. Above and beyond customer service certainly sets this firm apart from others.

— Emiliano Perea
NM Summer Food Service Program

Southwest CARE Center

— Jeff Thomas and Fernando Casados
Southwest CARE Center

International Folk Art Alliance

IFAAXynergy allowed us to take full advantage of our Google Adwords grant. Since they developed our PPC campaigns, we are be getting a lot more traffic and led to new sales and a new audience!

— Joy Rice


Dear Jennifer,
Many thanks to you and your staff for your web design and support services. Not only did we receive a complete new look, but we are receiving ongoing important services from you. We are well pleased with our new website, webmail, logo, stationary, business cards and signs. You listened to our ideas, gave us your ideas and worked with us throughout the entire creative process to achieve a unique package that serves our marketing needs. We can depend on you to be there when we need help. We highly recommend your company to others. It is a pleasure to work with such talented professionals.

Yours truly,

— Linda C. Majors

Theater Grottesco

To whom it may concern,
My name is Kate Kita, and I'm the Managing Director of Theater Grottesco, a Santa Fe based company that creates physical theatrical performance. Our ensemble of artists weave classical theatrical styles into unique modern plays and take audiences to the brink of emotional wonder and soulful reflection. For the past 3 years, Theater Grottesco has been working closely with Xynergy Web Development, and have been thrilled with the partnership. Xynergy's designers, programmers and marketing specialists have artistically conveyed the mission and dynamism of our company in a website design and within email marketing campaigns in an accessible, intriguing and user-friendly way.   We have been especially happy with the relationship that we have built with Bonny Price, Xynergy's Online Marketing Specialist. Bonny's expert advice on copywriting, superior communication skills, dedication to our project, and reliability have been the foundation and the success of our email campaigns and online promotions. Bonny guided us through the process of creating successful e-newsletters through the use of Xynergy Webmail, powered by Emma, with expertise and professionalism. Furthermore, her approach can be appreciated by novices and those with advanced computer skills alike.   I highly recommend Xynergy Web Development and Bonny Price for their innovation, proficiency in current internet marketing tools and trends, and their personal attention to the unique qualities of each partnership they create. They are firmly rooted in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque communities and have a great appreciation for this region and all it has to offer.


— Kate Kita
Managing Director

Business Wise BPO

To those considering Xynergy Web Design,
Xynergy Web design has not only created our web page, but created an entire .com company for us! We are a National Valuation company that is used by large and small financial institutions for the purpose of valuing real estate assets. The site is complex and highly reliant on algorithms and other industry specific data for its functionality. Xynergy designed and created our site from the ground up.   After interviewing multiple web designers, Xynergy was found to be the most competent group of professionals, exhibiting consistency every step of the way. The first step of a very complex process was working with Kelli and Jennifer, who were tremendously insightful in designing the site. Kelli and Jennifer guided us on everything from the business name, domain names, design and colors and over all public appearance. We were presented with research on colors, font, names and other vital components to help accomplish the overall goal of attracting Financial Institutions as clients.   Once the visual elements of the site were in place, engineers and programmers were put to work to create the back end of our site. Tom, Dave and Jerome in particular were instrumental in developing the functionality of our site. Flow charts and specification sheets were presented, allowing a clear and concise picture of how the site would work for our valuators, clients and administration. Having a clear vision of the functionality is a difficult thing to present and Xynergy did an amazing job.   Bonny who is head of the marketing team worked with us to orchestrate a nationwide marketing campaign. The knowledge with regard to how the email industry works was not only insightful, but impressive and allowed us to capture exactly what we were looking for in brokers, appraisers and clientele. We were presented with multiple email distribution options and were assisted in writing the most effective email campaign we have ever experienced.   When working with Xynergy, it is obvious that there is an interaction of multiple forces which combine to create an effect greater than the sum of their individual efforts, thus XYNERGY!   AS the CEO and founder of a national online company which has been designed, formulated and constructed by Xynergy, I personally recommend them with the highest regard.


— Michael Buffington

Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Gallery

We were amazed with the website that Xynergy designed for our gallery. Xynergy knew that our gallery has exceptional and thought-provoking artwork that speaks for itself. Therefore the website was designed to be simple; its main objective was to effectively showcase our artists’ unique works. We were delighted with the results. The website is a viable alternative to walking around our gallery and it provides a rich visitor experience through the aesthetic detail needed to appreciate the works. Xynergy also designed our E-Newsletter template, which has led to numerous successful E-Newsletter campaigns for our gallery.

— Owner
Hunter Kirkland

Master Tech Auto Repair

A few years ago, Master Tech Auto Repair decided we needed to have a website so Santa Feans could find a better, more reliable source for auto repair. We chose Xynergy to design and set up our website. The website has done a great job of helping us expand our business and reputation. Recently, we realized that the original site needed to be updated so that customers could have a better experience when using their tablets and smart phones. We also realized how important it was for us to protect our online reputation with consistent monitoring and we wanted to showcase our great customer service with more reviews on Google. We have been extremely happy with the Xynergy team and their expertise in helping us build our online presence.

— Ari and Tammy Gordon
Master Tech

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