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Bing Advertising Campaign Management

Bing's lower cost per click can mean a higher return on investment than Adword's.

Bing Ads are very similar to Google Adwords, but operate solely on the Bing Network. While Bing does not return as many impressions as a typical Google campaign, the cost per click is always much lower. Because of this, Bing Ads can direct similar levels of traffic to your site, without blowing through your budget.

Xynergy recommends running Bing Ads alongside a Google Adwords campaign in most cases. Due to the lowered cost per click, Bing Ads allow us to gather insight to the pay-per-click competition in your industry very rapidly. We can then apply this knowledge to your Google Adwords, and ultimately form a highly efficient campaign.

Our Bing Ads Campaigns include search terms, ad campaign set up, and daily monitoring.
In order for us to take on a Bing Ads project, we require that you start with at least a $250 a month in bid fees. This ensures that we have a budget that is large enough to run an effective campaign.

Enhance your digital marketing in a really smart way.

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