Market Research, Analysis & Conversion

Know your Customers.  Know your Competition.

We have the tools that reveal and we provide professional guidance.

How are you currently positioned?  Who is your competition? What is their web status? What status is your business presence?  How can it be improved?  Who is your target audience and how are they using the Internet?  What Searches do they perform?  What websites do they visit?  How can and should they be able to find you?  What are your conversion rates?

These are all questions that can and should be answered if you want to build traffic and grow your business.  Results from Keyword Research, site analysis and much more will help direct our strategy, website communication, and customer conversion.

Creative Recommendations & Strategic Planning
We review your current site and online marketing.  We help you to formulate a successful Internet marketplace approach, providing you with creative solutions the success of which has been proven through our work with other clients.  Factors we consider are: