Website Hosting

Xynergy® offers high-quality Linux hosting on fast Dell servers with redundant bandwidth connectivity located directly on the Internet hub in relatively geologically stable Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have carefully selected the best combination of data center capabilities, hardware, connectivity and management we could assemble for location and security here in New Mexico (you can read more below).

We provide hosting for over 200 clients including those from New Mexico, various locations across the United States and Internationally.  Those clients include, among others, Shirley Maclaine and the New Mexico State Government.

Our specialty is providing specialized hosting to interactive websites which may need specific scalability and flexibility, especially in terms of long-term growth.  For this reason, we exploit virtual hosting technology which allows for expansion into cloud infrastructures.


Our hosting services range from the basic, shared virtual hosting to Virtual Private Servers and even dedicated Hosting Management.


  • Shared Virtual Hosting 
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Management

This is the most common way websites are hosted on the Internet.  

This is the least-expensive hosting and is sufficient for most small-medium sized websites or websites that do not get a huge amount of traffic or downloads.

This is a good choice if you need more power but are not ready for the expense of running a dedicated server. 

This option dedicates a specific amount of the server resources to your website at all times and allows you more direct control, if required over the root operations.

The entire machine(s) dedicated to delivering your website.  We set up the server for you and perform system administration, backups, security and maintenance as needed.

You can choose whether to purchase and own the server hardware yourself or lease it through us.