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For many of our clients, the website is mission critical.    

Xynergy has over 20 years experience in website hosting and management.    We have worked with various data center and server providers, such as Rackspace, as well as managed our own servers for most of that time.  

All hosting providers are not alike.    
We understand what is important and who is actually providing that.  We have high expectations for server management based on our decades of experience - especially in regards to security.       

Hosting solutions we promote have the following key elements:

  • Redundant power and connectivity to ensure reliability even during a power outage 
  • OS updating and monitoring by experienced system admins to harden the servers against potential hacking of the servers itself. 
  • Regular hardware upgrades to ensure speed

Many hosting providers (like do not provide all of these items consistently.  So, from time to time, sites hosted on these inferior solutions will see downtime or slowness.  This hurts website usage and even SEO.  We have assisted new clients over and over the past to move to reliable hosting after a bad experience with their current host.

Xynergy® currently partners with two well-trusted hosting companies who offer high-quality Linux hosting with redundant bandwidth connectivity.  We have carefully vetted these hosting solutions to make sure they provide the best combination of data center capabilities, hardware, connectivity, security and management.   These hosting partners also provide a high degree of customer support and responsiveness.  

Brown Rice Internet
Our current primary choice for hosting is Brown Rice Internet.  Brown Rice provides high-speed hosting, scaleable hosting. and For basic hosting, the fees start at $20/mo.  Brown Rice provides nation-wide hosting solutions for small business as well as scalable, dedicated servers for large, highly dynamic web sites/applications.  

Amazon Cloud
Xynergy utilizes Amazon Cloud services for projects requiring cloud infrastructure.  

Xynergy handles all hosting setup coordination and details and we work as a knowledgeable representative for our clients in regards to their hosting needs.


Resources can be increased or decreased on demand based on your websites needs on any given day.  All hosting solutions are VPS  (Virtual Private Servers) and include Secure Socket Layer Certificate installs to allow for a higher level of security. 

VPS Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting

This is a good choice if you need more power but are not ready for the expense of running a dedicated server. 

This option dedicates a specific amount of the server resources to your website at all times and allows you more direct control, if required over the root operations.

The entire machine(s) dedicated to delivering your website.  We set up the server for you and perform system administration, backups, security and maintenance as needed.

You can choose whether to purchase and own the server hardware yourself or lease it through us.

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