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SEO Case Study - Photon Brothers

After years of having little to no success with SEO or sales online, Photon Brothers Solar hired Xynergy to ramp up their local search presence.

In just three months
Xynergy delivered

First page rankings on Google
Increase in new users
PPC clicks
Conversion from PPC clicks
Estimates requests from organic traffic
Phone calls from new site visitors

They wanted to beat out competitors and start getting first place Google rankings to get in front of their audience and start making more sales online. After 3 months of optimization, Xynergy successfully got Photon Brothers to the 1st page of Google for 16 high search keywords.


Photon Brothers Solar struggled for years to get traction with SEO. Despite the fact that they are one of the leading solar companies in California and Colorado, booming with growth internally, their online presence was producing zero results. Little organic traffic. No leads. No sales from their website.

They were working with a freelance web designer and marketer who wasn’t able to get them moving up in ranks as aggressively as they needed. Or create highly optimized pages that were built to convert.

Photon Brothers needed an SEO strategy that would start getting them onto the first page of Google and beating out competitors for the most profitable local searches and start turning visitors into customers.

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How Xynergy Helped

The SEO experts at Xynergy did a full SEO optimization to the Photon Brothers site to boost their organic rankings and get them more quality organic traffic. This initialization included:

In depth & comprehensive keyword research

Finding the most highly searched and profitable keywords + niche long-keywords for people further down the sales funnel.

On page SEO & Metadata

Our digital marketing specialists optimized the Photon Brothers site using SEO best practices and more advanced SEO xytechniques to get their site ranking higher for the page’s target keyword.

Full technical audit and optimization

We scanned the site for technical errors and made full fixes - boosting the site’s health score by 15 points and eliminating serious issues for which Google may have been penalizing them.

NAP listing optimization

Xynergy made manual edits to the Photon Brothers local listings to ensure accuracy and consistency across the internet.


The solar market is highly competitive, so it was important for Photon Brothers to stand out and clearly differentiate from competition. We conducted high level brand analysis and create 10 unique power statements to reflect their primary differentiator: custom, quality solar installs.

Content creation and copywriting

The expert copywriters at Xynergy improved Photon Brothers website copy, improving its readability and building out each page with keyword rich content.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Our certified Adwords specialists put together a high quality PPC campaign to get instant, targeted traffic to their priority markets.

Conversion optimization

Xynergy design and conversion specialists analyzed the Photon Brothers site and re-optimized the site with design and messaging techniques to psychologically influence visitors and push them through the sales funnel towards a lead.


The Pueblo PPC Landing Page

SEO Performance

Photon Brothers first target location was Pueblo, Colorado where they were ranking for zero keywords on the first page. After 50+ hours of SEO optimization, Xynergy specialists got first page rankings for 16 high quality keywords:

  • pueblo co solar companies
  • pueblo solar company
  • pueblo solar installation
  • pueblo solar installers
  • pueblo solar panels
  • pueblo solar
  • solar panel installation pueblo
  • solar panel companies pueblo
  • best solar contractors in pueblo
  • Go solar in Pueblo
  • Go solar in Pueblo, CO.
  • Pueblo Solar Companies
  • Best Pueblo Solar
  • Top Pueblo Solar
  • Pueblo West Solar
  • Sunpower Pueblo

Traffic Stats

Since Xynergy re-launched and optimized the Photon Brothers site there has been a:

increase in sessions
increase in new users
increase in organic traffic

Out of the 1,767 new visitors from organic search<, 100 people submitted Photon Brothers “get an estimate” form and became a qualified lead.

PPC Performance

impressions, putting their site and brand got in front of hundreds of thousands of new, qualified potential customers.
to the Photon Brothers site.
conversions of visitors clicked on the PPC.
from new site visitors solely from the pay-per-click campaign. (only counting calls lasting more than 30 seconds)

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