Durango Area Tourism

Parallax home page
Launched 2015


iPad, iPhone, Android
Mobile Versioning


Durango.org is a highly customized site that combines stunning visuals with robust functionality. The site was designed with cutting-edge parallax visuals that attempt to capture Durango’s scenic vistas and thriving tourism industry.


  • Dynamic parallax design
  • Responsive formatting for devices of all sized
  • Custom website design
  • Customizable itinerary planner

Durango’s site also features an extensive tourism directory and a trip-planning functionality. Users can browse through local events, museums, parks, trails, and plan a trip in advance. Then, using an industry-leading itinerary builder, the user can:

  • Save itineraries to view/manage them at a later date
  • View destinations on a map
  • Create multiple itineraries and move items between them
  • Remove individual items or entire itineraries
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