Website Maintenance and Security Plans

Require on-demand, priority response?  
Need to budget your website updates?  
Want a more reliable and dedicated level of service?

Of course you do!  Xynergy® offers two types of basic monthly support plans:

Security Monitoring and Support

Any website with a CMS (Content Mangement System - editor) needs Versioning and software updates on a regular basis.  Most websites these days are built with CMS systems.  As a CMS ages, more security vulnerabilities are uncovered leaving it more and more vulnerable to hacking.   WordPress websites are particularly susceptable because WordPress, due to popularity, has become a high target for hackers.  Once a site is hacked, it is even more likely to be hacked again.  Hacks can be costly to fix and can have a very detrimental impact on search engine ranking.  

This $150/mo security allows us to do monthly monitoring and install CMS updates when they come out which is usually more than once per month for WordPress websites.  

On-Demand Monthly Maintenance 

Support Clients are given priority service, are not subject to rush fees, and enjoy discounted hourly rates on all services.  This maintenance retainer also includes ongoing security monitoring and updates to your website (above).  Our minimum support retainer is for 5 hours per month.  Clients may have our team perform any of the services we offer with their  hours - Xynergy can provide not only website updates but digital marketing, consulting, training and media development such as translation, videography and blogging.  

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