Hosting Scalability & Uptime

We have huge scalability and each step-up to the next level of scalability is nearly instantaneous.    While a 1GB RAM VPS can typically handle proximately 70,000 monthly visits (see below), if traffic starts to exceed the capabilities of the VPS our monitoring systems will alert the VPS owner who can then login to our control panel and immediately, with the click of a button, scale the VPS to a level where it can easily handle 500,000 monthly visitors.  If additional expansion is needed above this level we can live-migrate the VPS to a dedicated server without any downtime, which can handle many millions of visitors.   And finally, if the customer needs even further scalability multiple dedicated servers can be deployed and traffic can be load balanced across each of them.  In this final scenario the original VPS might now be handling many, many millions of monthly visitors.

We provide a 99.99% uptime.