Why Host with Xynergy?

While Xynergy® hosts most, though not all, the websites we design, deploy and market, ultimately, the decision on whether to host with Xynergy® is yours.  However, when you design AND host your site with us, it allows us to have more control over your website security, interactivity and customization.  Nevertheless, we are comfortable working on servers managed by 3rd parties.

Quality vs. Quantity
Xynergy® is not a server farm.  We do not strive to host as many websites as possible for as cheaply as possible.  Instead, our goal in offering hosting is to provide a high-quality, secure, custom service.  Because we are not a server farm, our hosting fees are slightly higher, but we, in turn can offer a personalized degree of speed, security, and customization those server farms cannot.

Advantages include:

  • At no cost to our hosting clients, we replace old servers with new ones every 3-4 years.  This is not true of hosting with most server farms that will leave your site running on the server it was originally set up on until you move the site or the server is no longer serviceable (5-7 years on average).
  • We have control of the server and can make necessary changes without hindrance from the 3rd party hosting company.
  • If we develop and maintain a website for you and you have a problem with the website operation, even if it is server-related, we can solve it and do not have to rely on the customer service (or lack thereof) from a 3rd party hosting company.  
  • When we make operating system software patches, if those updates effect the way a website performs, we fix those problems at no cost to you.  3rd party hosting companies will not do this, which is particularly a problem for interactive or CMS-based websites, depending on the software on which they run.