Website Hosting Security & Backups


Physical and Online Security
Our data center is PCI compliant and utilizes biometric entry systems, dual-level security systems (IP based and traditional), and 24x7 video surveliance with offsite video storage and monitoring.

We partner with high-level network security specialists which utilize a broad-array of security systems to detect compromised applications, hack attempts, and network intrusions.  Additionally we utilized intrusion penetration testing, log analysis and retention, firewalls, and application firewalls.

Backup Power and Data Circuits

Our hosting partner Data Center’s electricity is backed up by turbo-diesel generators which automatically switch on in the event of a power failure.  We've never lost power to our data center.

The network utilizes three, Tier-1, upstream providers:  Level3 Networks, CenturyLink, and Mammonth Networks and load balances traffic over our "Fiber cut proof" network. 

Backup and Recovery Options

All VPS accounts come with free, nightly full operating system backup (we back up everything) to both on-site and off-site locations.  Backups are stored for three months.  Included in this free service is managed recovery and restoral.  i.e.  Tell us what you've lost and when and we'll restore it for you.  Free.