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The Xynergy App

The full power of Xynergy, on the go!

The best way to engage with Xynergy is also the easiest.

Pay your bills, request a quote, browse our company directory, read the latest blog post, and find our locations — it's all a click away.

We're focused on you, so you can focus on what matters.  That's why we made an app that makes it simple to stay on top of your project even when you're on the go.  It's user friendly, secure, and free.


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User-friendly features

  • Native on both iOS and Android
  • TouchID for account login
  • Receive digital marketing reports, invoices, and Xynergy white papers
  • Drag and drop support on iPad
  • Split view on iPad and iPhone Plus models
  • Works in all orientations
  • Saved password support
  • Accepts payments in USD and Bitcoin
  • Extremely secure



Deep technical expertise

We have the knowledge and experience to make an app that doesn't just look good, it drives business.

  • Reliable push notifications on both iOS and Android devices using an Expression Engine plugin
  • Integrated third-party API’s including payment gateways
  • Integrate with your Expression Engine member accounts and channel data
  • Expression Engine plugin for file distribution to members
  • Native look and feel with professional design
  • Integrate with Core Data, Mapkit, Location services, APNS, On Demand Resources
  • Swift and Objective-C language support
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