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13 Jul, 2017 Paul Wright
Detail-Oriented Caffeine Motivated

Here at Xynergy, we want to get it right.  We dig into the technical details, no matter how arcane.  We test obsessively.  Our design and development teams coordinate on the minutea that make the magic happen.  Case in point: our new coffee maker.

Our Albuquerque office got one of those fancy coffee makers that has all of the bells and whistles - a carbon water filter; an attached, computer controlled burr grinder; an atomic clock with direct satellite uplink.  This coffee maker seriously couldn't exist without an understanding of general relativity.

In order to get the perfect brew, we approached the varied grind and brew settings…

You Are A Designer

You Are A Designer

A designer is not some heroic super-hipster sipping a $5 cappuccino while puzzling over a macbook in a beautifully lit, industrial-chic coffee shop. A designer is someone who plans out the look or form of content for a visual medium. Everybody is a designer - we all make design decisions. The idea of designers as a different breed, separate from the rest of us, abdicates responsibility from our own design choices. Embrace it - you are a designer.

The decisions you make regarding look and form will either improve or detract from the media you create. Any time you create content…