Freelancer or Marketing Agency? 5 Things to Consider.

Freelancer or Marketing Agency? 5 Things to Consider.
Justin Alei


For businesses looking to expand their digital marketing services, it's important to consider who to work with to boost profitability and engagement online. Both freelancers and agencies have their advantages and disadvantages - but when running a business there are 5 important things to consider before signing with any digital marketing professional: 

When Hiring a Digital Marketing Freelancer or Agency Think About: 

  1. Price. This is usually the bottom line. Typically, freelancers charge lower rates than agencies but at what cost? There are many other factors to consider before awarding someone the project. 
  2. Quality. Here, the idea that "you get what you pay for" rings true. When hiring an agency, you often get higher costs - but you also get a full team working on your project, and more accoutability and quality in services. Be sure to browse both the agency and freelancers portfolios to ensure that they can actually deliver what they promise. 
  3. Experience. The more experience a digital marketer has, the more impactful their work will be. Hiring a freelancer at a low rate could cost you more if it takes them more time (as it often does- without access to a full team for tasks). You want to hire someone who works smarter, and harder. 
  4. Timeliness. Being on time with deadlines is absolutely critical. Ask to speak with previous clients, pay attention to the time it takes to respond to emails and other correspondances. This is a major criteria for your digital marketing decision making. 
  5. Competence & Dependability. There's nothing worse than hiring a digital marketer who promises it all, only to fall short on their abilities and dependability. Unanswered emails, phonecalls, lack of follow up after campaigns and projects can be a killer. Ensure that the person you are working with has the time and ability to follow through with their work, all the time. 

In your experience, who is more impactful in digital marketing effectiveness? Let us know in the comments. Request a quote from Xynergy and see what we can do for you and your brand! 

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