How to Combat Facebook’s Cut on Organic Reach

How to Combat Facebook’s Cut on Organic Reach

Facebook's recent algorithm changes have lead to a significant drop in organic reach.  Here's how you can combat the issue.

Equifax Breach Security Issues and your Website

18 Sep, 2017 Jennifer Frye
Equifax Breach Security Issues and your Website

Recently, Equifax disclosed that there was a massive breach to their system. It came to light today that the breach was blamed on the exploitation of an application vulnerability. What does this mean? It means that a piece of software running on their servers was not patched. Equifax server admins failed to do proper upgrades to their software, which is one of the most basic actions anyone with a website or companies with internet accessible data should be doing.

There is plenty of information out there on what you should do in the wake of this specific breach, including an entire website which contains nothing…

The Chicken or The Egg: A Look Into Which Digital Platform Should Be Utilized First

If you have ever started a small business, you undoubtedly know the importance of establishing a digital presence.  With options like social media, pay-per-click, and SEO, the one question that may be the most difficult to answer is “where do I get started?”

In regards to these four platforms, there are pros and cons for each.  The answer to the question really depends on the type of business you are starting, and what your digital goals are.

The 4 Best Topics for Small Business Blogs

23 Aug, 2017 Vincent Nezzer

Does your small business have its own blog? If so, how do you choose the content you publish? Does your blog have a theme, or do you choose your topics based on upcoming events? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, as long as you have a purposeful strategy. For small businesses, the ideal content strategy should bring new users to your website, motivate them to take a specific action, and give them a reason to return. In our experience, these four content types do just that.

Topic #1 - Frequently Asked Questions

What: FAQ pages are a valuable…

Pay-Per-Click Advice and Strategies

Steps Towards Adwords and Pay-per-Click Success

For a small business with a small marketing budget, Adwords can be a scary task.  A few misguided decisions can build up massive fees and not many results.  Fortunately, there are simple steps you can follow to ensure that even the most inexperienced marketer can find Adwords success.  

Testing Period: Start Small, Research and Build

There are two stages when it comes to researching for a successful campaign.  The first stage involves conducting keyword research.  Keyword research will allow you to figure out the most frequently searched terms for your industry.  There are several online tools that can be used to assist with…


13 Jul, 2017 Paul Wright
Detail-Oriented Caffeine Motivated

Here at Xynergy, we want to get it right.  We dig into the technical details, no matter how arcane.  We test obsessively.  Our design and development teams coordinate on the minutea that make the magic happen.  Case in point: our new coffee maker.

Our Albuquerque office got one of those fancy coffee makers that has all of the bells and whistles - a carbon water filter; an attached, computer controlled burr grinder; an atomic clock with direct satellite uplink.  This coffee maker seriously couldn't exist without an understanding of general relativity.

In order to get the perfect brew, we approached the varied grind and brew settings…

Google’s New Tool Reveals How Many Customers Your Slow Site is Losing

Google’s New Tool Reveals How Many Customers Your Slow Site is Losing
Google just updated their ‘test my site’ feature with a tool that allows you to see how many visitors you’ve lost because of slow page load time.

It’s a quick, 2 minute scan that shows you how long it takes both mobile and desktop traffic to load pages on your site.

So while industry statistics imply that most sites lose half of their visitors while waiting for a page to load, this program breaks down your site individually and gives you an estimate of traffic loss.

With a simple scan of your website you get data on:

Your site’s mobile speed: 50% of people expect a site to load in less than two…

Google AMP: Do you need it for SEO?

Google AMP promises that your site will run 4x faster, in just 6 simple steps. For web designers and digital marketers, this might sound like a no brainer - right? Well not quite...

What is Google AMP anyway?

According to the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, “The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.”

In layman's terms - this means that when you search for a keyword, Google will show you a carousel that highlights stories published on AMP-enabled sites before other results

In a SERP…

Vlogging: What a Video Blog Can Do For You

Vlogging: What a Video Blog Can Do For You

Your site is up and running, the hits are coming in thick and fast, your marketing plan is working. What’s left but to sit back and revel in your success, knowing you’ve done everything possible to drive traffic to your site and develop content that engages the visitors?

In fact, there’s more you can do, and it’s not even especially difficult.

Video blogging, or “vlogging,” is an easy way to personalize your content, respond to visitor questions, mount a product demonstration, and more.

Vlogs can range from elaborately produced videos to simple “talking heads,” depending on your budget, your target audience, and the complexity of the message you’re trying to convey.


SEO for Art Galleries – Xynergy can help you make a digital masterpiece

Art Gallery SEO 

Unfortunately, beautiful art does not always translate to beautiful performance online.  After performing several digital marketing projects for Santa Fe art galleries here in New Mexico, we know that fact all too well.  Art galleries represent some of the most intriguing, yet poorly performing websites on the internet.  So when it comes to making these sites climb the search engines ranks, what does it really take?  Xynergy is here to help. 

Small Pay per Click Campaigns

If you don’t have thousands to poor into keyword research, there is an inexpensive shortcut you can take to gather information on your own.  Running a small PPC campaign is a great way to…

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