Why Content Marketing Sells

Why Content Marketing Sells

Content Marketing is a clever way to connect your brand to customers without trying to sell your product. By using content marketing you can build your brand without having to shamelessly promote yourself. Content marketing seamlessly integrates with content that is targeted at customers who are actively looking for content in the form of reviews, tips, posts, or videos. If you are new to the idea of content marketing this list of guidelines will help you make the right impression on your potential customers.

1.  Do not cut corners on design for your website – Although the focus here is on the quality of the content, a visually appealing website shows quality and will bring visitors back to your website. Also, be sure to use high quality images that take up the entire frame.

2.  Make your content multimedia – Vary the type of content that you use to keep visitors interested or appeal to multiple attention spans. Videos and images will go a long way to help engage users.

3.  Do not blatantly try to sell – Content marketing uses a nuanced approach to making your business money. Use this opportunity to build your brand by distancing yourself from your product and educating, entertaining, and providing value to the user.

4.  Make the content easy to share – If your content is useful and well thought out, then people should want to share it with their friends. Provide the tools to make sharing as effortless as possible.

5. Offer more ways customers can benefit – Once customers have gained value from your content you want to send them through links to other useful resources.

6. Showcase the achievements of your business – Display reviews or press coverage about your company to increase your brand credibility. 

For more information about Xynergy’s Award Winning Marketing Services click here. To view our portfolio of work click here. At this point you may have already realized that this BLOG IS CONTENT MARKETING and has incorporated many of these strategies as tools for informing you (also we may or may not be trying to promote our services). "Do's & Don'ts of Content Marketing." Website Magazine. May 2013: pg. 27. Print.

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