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The Chicken or The Egg: A Look Into Which Digital Platform Should Be Utilized First

30 Aug, 2017 David Cox

If you have ever started a small business, you undoubtedly know the importance of establishing a digital presence.  With options like social media, pay-per-click, and SEO, the one question that may be the most difficult to answer is “where do I get started?”

In regards to these four platforms, there are pros and cons for each.  The answer to the question really depends on the type of business you are starting, and what your digital goals are.

Pay-Per-Click Advice and Strategies

4 Aug, 2017 David Cox
Steps Towards Adwords and Pay-per-Click Success

For a small business with a small marketing budget, Adwords can be a scary task.  A few misguided decisions can build up massive fees and not many results.  Fortunately, there are simple steps you can follow to ensure that even the most inexperienced marketer can find Adwords success.  

Testing Period: Start Small, Research and Build

There are two stages when it comes to researching for a successful campaign.  The first stage involves conducting keyword research.  Keyword research will allow you to figure out the most frequently searched terms for your industry.  There are several online tools that can be used to assist with…

SEO for Art Galleries – Xynergy can help you make a digital masterpiece

Art Gallery SEO 

Unfortunately, beautiful art does not always translate to beautiful performance online.  After performing several digital marketing projects for Santa Fe art galleries here in New Mexico, we know that fact all too well.  Art galleries represent some of the most intriguing, yet poorly performing websites on the internet.  So when it comes to making these sites climb the search engines ranks, what does it really take?  Xynergy is here to help. 

Small Pay per Click Campaigns

If you don’t have thousands to poor into keyword research, there is an inexpensive shortcut you can take to gather information on your own.  Running a small PPC campaign is a great way to…

Why You Should Be Converting From HTTP to HTTPS

If you have ever typed in a URL, you may have noticed those letters that spontaneously appear in front of the www that you pounded out on cruise control. Did you ever ask yourself what they mean?  Well, those acronyms can have a major impact on the safety and performance of your website and, based on recent studies, can drastically impact your business. 

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and it simply allows for communication between two systems, such as a browser and a server.  HTTP does not consider the kind of data being shared nor who is viewing the data; it simply…

He Who Hesitates: Business Owners and Their Reluctance to Embrace Social Media

He Who Hesitates: Business Owners and Their Reluctance to Embrace Social Media

I’m always surprised when I speak to business owners who claim to see little to no value in mounting a social media campaign to further their business interests. Despite the damage and the potential sales it could cost their companies, many business leaders seem to prefer to stay away from social media altogether.

Do these owners lack the technological savvy to launch social media campaigns?  Many of the companies that I speak to require highly technical training that is far beyond my own understanding, making them more than capable of understanding straightforward social media strategies or building a simple business profile.  So why are so…

Responsive Design V Adaptive Design

Responsive Design V Adaptive Design

By now, most everyone knows that when building a website, you must cater it to mobile users as well.

When mobile devices first became popular, one of the most common techniques for catering to this new medium was to have completely separate URL for mobile content, effectively separating the mobile site from the desktop site.  When a page was requested, the website detected what kind of user you were, based on information in your browser, and then redirected you to the appropriate version. (You may have noticed sites like this if you were ever redirected to a sub-domain like on a…