Xynergy & Consumer51 Are Heading to the 2018 EE Conference

Xynergy & Consumer51 Are Heading to the 2018 EE Conference
Justin Alei

The community surrounding ExpressionEngine (EE) is just one of the many reasons we choose to work with this enterprise level CMS, and the ExpressionEngine Conference is a highlight every year. It draws together the diverse group of developers, marketers and business owners that use it and welcomes new developers into the family.  This year, the conference is taking place in Nashville, TN and will see hundreds of developers with a wide range of experience come together to connect, share and learn from one another.  As our company’s lead EE developer, I will be representing Xynergy and Consumer51.  I look forward to three full days of workshops to further hone development skills, learn best practices, and attend presentations on a plethora of diverse topics from both business and development perspectives.  

One of the unique thing about the EE Conference is that it’s organized completely by the community; however, every year EE’s creators, EllisLab, attend and participate along with all the other developers, marketers and business owners.  They make a concerted effort to be available to their community of users, not just at the conference but also making themselves available every day through their CMS Slack channel.  In previous years they were able to share exclusive first-looks at upcoming improvements and we’re excited to see how EE will continue to evolve.

It’s not only ExpressionEngine itself that continues to grow and evolve—an impressive ratio of the overall EE community add to the offering by making plugins they’ve developed available to others in the community.  Plugins add to the native functionality of the CMS further extending what can be done with the system. And, whilst the list of available plugins is already gigantic, it also continues to grow every year, so we expect to hear about even more new and upcoming plugins that may just be exactly the features your site needs.  Of course, even if you need functionality that isn’t already available as a plugin, ExpressionEngine have deliberately made it easy to extend with custom plugins and additions, so there really isn’t a scenario that ExpressionEngine can’t handle.

Whilst we work in more platforms than just ExpressionEngine, Xynergy and Consumer51 find the security, flexibility and usability of this CMS to be a perfect fit for many of our web projects. We are experts in building and marketing beautiful, secure, feature-rich, usable and goal-converting websites with ExpressionEngine.  If your site lacks in any of these departments, you’re not getting the most out of your site—let us know about it and we will work with you to rectify that problem.

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