The One Page Website: Friend or Foe

The One Page Website: Friend or Foe
Justin Alei

For years now it has been thought that having a single dynamic looking website would not go well with your SEO and ranking amongst Search Engines. We are here to tell you that is not the case, with more and more single page sites popping up every day the popular search engines have begun to crawl through the content like a multi paged website.  But we must insist that you build or have your single page website correctly or this won't be the case for you.

Building a single page website correctly can be beneficial to you and to your business, why you ask? Well think of it as a one stop shop that people can just scroll through, is more mobile friendly and dynamically engaging all at once. Many people see a one page website as a great opportunity to showcase their companies style and voice all without having to navigate through a complex menu. Now when building the single page website, here are some key things you need to make sure you do and pay attention to as your building your site.

  • Define Content Sections - Make sure you design each section of the content as if it were a separate page, make sure to influence different key words, the appropriate headline and copy.
  • Separating Content Section into DIVS - Place each main section of content inside its own DIV tags
  • H1 Tags - Always, always use your H1 tags to make the heading more visible to search engines

By doing these steps you can assure your new dynamic website will be visible to the search engines. The one page website is here to stay, we must adapt as a online marketing and web design industry, learn new ways to cope with the SEO challenges that will be on the horizon and push for success with all single page development.

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