Did you Say RE-Marketing?

Did you Say RE-Marketing?

Have you ever looked at cool new product online and really really really wanted it? You know, that thing that is just perfect for you, but out of your price range. You could put it on your credit card, but then you'd be in debt like the majority of Americans. Should you stop shopping and look at the news for a few minutes? If you look at the news, you won't be tempted anymore, right? Wrong!

These days, marketing is a thing of the past, and remarketing is an advertiser's new best friend. What is remarketing? Remarketing allows advertisers to show ads to users who've previously visited the advertiser's website as they were browsing the internet. In other words, remember when you, the user, were looking at that super expensive winter coat and seriously considered buying it? You will be reminded how much you want that coat moments later as you go to another website in the Google Display network.

The advertisement basically follows you until you slowly run out of will power to make the sensible decision not to buy. So, how does it work? When an advertiser uses remarketing, they will tag pages of their website that correspond with certain categories that they want to promote. For example, you could see a "Sports" tag on all of the pages where you can buy memorabilia. Once you've visited a website, a cookie will be placed on your browser, which will then randomly trigger the advertisement when you land on any of the other websites on the Google Display network. So, then when you innocently browse a cool new product, you will begin to see the same stuff that you almost bought five minutes ago!

It really is quite devious. For advertisers, this is just the newest way of hitting your demographic; however, for consumers, this is just the newest form of technology to keep us shoppers in debt. So, if you're a consumer then BEWARE. Or, if you're a small business owner, then give us a call and ask us how we can help you reach your targeted demographic.


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