How Local Businesses are using Gamification to their Advantage


Foursquare is an app that recognizes where you are in the world. It then shows you everything interesting nearby on a color-coded map – your friends, places that are trending (in yellow), places on your favorites lists (green), places with Specials (orange), and places that are popular (blue). All the interesting places update automatically. Foursquare gamifies the shopping experience. When users patronize a business they earn points and provide their demographic information. Businesses can choose to reward points with special promotions, or not. The Advertiser can then use that demographic data to track trends over time including gender, age, origin, and twitter handle of users and the frequency and distribution of “check-ins”. Data on buisnesses is also available to the user. They can see what is popular, see which establishments are offering promotions and who among their friends is taking advantage of those promotions. Now imagine that your potential customers have this app. They are out shopping or looking for a restaurant or they are not sure what they want to do are looking for ideas. They can turn to Foursquare, see what restaurant people are raving about, see where people are shopping, or browse their friends recent activity to find something fun to do. Foursquare has now become a planning tool!

The implication for our clients is that Foursquare enables an advertiser to expose users to his pitch at a key point in the planning process. Foursquare can also help you increase customer loyalty by let’s say, giving someone a free drink every fourth time they come in. Promotions that specific are possible with Foursquare without much POS preparation. Foursquare comes with all the necessary tools to make these things happen. We have set up and managed multiple successful Foursquare accounts and run Foursquare promotions which boosted business, so if this sounds like an option for your organization. Call, Click, Tweet, Email, or Facebook Message Xynergy® to set up a meeting.

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