What is a Virtual Private Server and why would I want one?

What is a Virtual Private Server and why would I want one?

As many of our wonderful clients already know, we offer website hosting as part of our service offering. We do this for many reasons. First of all, it ensures we can offer a technically up-to-date platform upon which to build your site. Many companies who do primarily web hosting are sometimes far behind the technical curve because they can't afford to upgrade too fast, or it can break websites. Second, if something goes wrong on your site, we don't have to guess what the hosting company may have changed, or work through third party technical support who may be based in India. All of our staff are local, and if there is a problem, we can find it. Thirdly, as a small and flexible hosting company, we can offer custom services that the big companies cannot.

One of our new offerings, which you may not know of, is the Virtual Private Server (VPS). We are going to geek out on you here for just a moment and say that we run our virtual servers on the ESX VMWare platform, the gold platform of virtualization. Our CEO has invested large sums into modernizing servers and services this year, and we are starting to see results.

So, what is a VPS, exactly? First, the virtual part. If you have a computer, you probably know that you are running an operating system on it, like Windows 7, or Mac OSX. The operating system allows you to run all sorts of other more interesting things, like email and web browsers, and watch DVDs to boot. Even on your very own computer, you can install software that allows you to run another fully separate operating system and use it simultaneously. That's the virtual part - it's virtually another computer living within your computer.

We do that on our servers too. So each piece of hardware might run several virtual servers. Each virtual server has a completely separate operating system and installed software. We are in the process of moving all of our clients to this new virtualized environment, where your site will live with other sites with similar architecture, and thus, we can tune each server to the unique needs of that type of site.

Second, the private part. If you like, we can create a virtual server solely for your site. This has several advantages, chief among them being individualized performance tuning for your site, custom configuration if needed, and no competition for server resources because they are all allocated to your site alone.

We advocate using a VPS for our larger clients with greater resource needs. Yes, it costs more. If your business relies on your site being highly available, that requirement comes with a cost. A VPS essentially has unlimited resources we can scale up based on the number of required connections, the size of the application, and the database growth. Your VPS will grow with your business, not hold it back. Interested? Give us a call today.

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