Experts Recommend Using Social Media to Find Jobs


There are many ways that job recruiters use social media to judge an applicant and several key strategies for promoting yourself in the business world. Hiring managers search applicant’s names on Google and hope to find them easily. Employers can also view your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to gauge your social credibility (who you know) and get an idea of your interests and personality. If you are difficult to find or send the wrong message, this can hurt your chances of securing a position. You want to keep your social media profiles up to date and make regular posts. On Twitter you want to project a well-connected and well-informed businessperson. You can follow key employees of companies you are interested in but first send out about ten relevant tweets that are 75 percent professional and 25 percent personal, explains Deb Dib the coauthor of The Twitter Job Search Guide. These ten tweets will give the person who you follow some information about you and possibly a personal connection when deciding whether to follow you back.

Social media gurus and career counselors alike highly recommend creating a profile on LinkedIn, the professional social network that prompts new connections found through your contacts. “LinkedIn has transformed the extent to which you can cast a wider net and reach people through secondary or third and fourth degrees,” says Howard Seidel, who is a partner at the management firm Essex Partners. Studies have shown that 75 percent of LinkedIn visitors are college-educated which means that LinkedIn is a great resource for career climbing. Your LinkedIn profile should include a brief description of your professional experience and its relevance to the type of job you are seeking. You can even have previous employers endorse a particular skill on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will use your work history to recommend people to reach out to. Experts advise that you respond occasionally to updates you receive so that when you need a favor people are already familiar with you. Remember to raise your social media presence to get yourself positive exposure and help you make a great impression on your potential employer.

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