Will You Be Voting on Facebook’s Privacy Policy?

Will You Be Voting on Facebook’s Privacy Policy?

You may have noticed your friends sanctimoniously posting about Facebook’s privacy policy or you may have been annoyed by a long personal opinion they chose to share with everyone. These Facebook activists are surely aware that with the latest privacy policy development, Facebook users now have until this Monday at noon to vote on the proposed policy changes determining how Facebook controls its site. These policy changes include deciding what timeline information is shared, what information is shared with advertisers, online bullying, and what happens if your account is hacked.

Katherine Tassi, Facebook’s head of data protection, said that the additional language in their policy is supposed to make Facebook’s policy clear but not to give advertisers access to sensitive information. Facebook already allows advertisers to target users with relevant interests, location, age, sex, and previous “likes.” Facebook draws the line on advertisements targeting users when it comes to religious or political matters. Facebook does not sell your information to advertisers; but it certainly makes money off of your information.

Two privacy watchdogs, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy, both claim that Facebook’s proposed changes break the terms of a settlement between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission. The terms obligate Facebook to provide users with “clear and prominent notice” anytime their information is shared and require obtained “express consent” before sharing any information that exists outside of the auspices of its privacy settings.

We believe that protecting users’ privacy should be Facebook’s top priority. With the changing trends in social media, Xynergy® can help your business reach a broader audience.  

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