Customers Fed up with Logging Into Websites

Customers Fed up with Logging Into Websites

Interested in gathering more concrete data about your customers to engage with them more effectively? We know that through Google Analytics business owners can view metrics such as page views, past purchases, bounce rate, etc. However, these metrics only provide so much information about your potential customer base, and these techniques suffer from data loss through deleted cookies, access from multiple devices, and purchases as gifts.


The previous technique for supplementing data on your website’s visitors was to collect information through site registration and login forms. As you know from experience, having to recover a password or fill out long forms is extremely discouraging as a visitor. A recent study conducted by Janrain, a user management platform company, found that 92% of respondents reported leaving a website during sign-on instead of taking steps to recover their password.


A new website feature, Social Login, offers a simple solution. Social Login allows visitors to use an existing ID from a social network (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) to log in or register on websites. In addition to this simplified login, users can opt to share information about themselves from their social media platforms including email address, location, birthday, and interests. This newly accessible and accurate data can be used to improve engagement through personalization and recommendation engines.


Social Login is also helpful for email marketing engagement. Samsung’s social media login customers were 34% more likely to open mail and 63% more likely to click through a link in an email. Janrain’s study also revealed that 65% of consumers are more likely to return to a website with Social Login and 60% agreed that companies offering Social Login are more innovative than other companies. If your website requires a login process and contains painstaking forms, there is a simple solution to improve engagement!


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