The Story of the Fold

The Story of the Fold

You have heard about "The fold", but perhaps not about "life below the fold". There is another way to capture and hold the attention of an audience without cramming things above the once-famous-fold.When there was a fold, it had a height and a set of rules that governed its use. The fold struggled to maintain its height, because without defined height, there is no fold. Crammed with buttons, forms and blog posts, the fold soon suffered abuse. When the size of screens and resolutions multiplied, the fold became confused and now it is not likely to be used. Today, it's safe to say that there is no fold, and whether there is life below the fold depends on the story and how well it is being told. Let's start telling stories, and we won't need the fold.

The End

Story telling and Web Design share many of the same goals. Both strive to address a specific audience, help the audience achieve their aims, use visuals to convey information, and both use a consistent structure and style to capture the attention of users and entice them to follow the story further. A successful website tells a story utilizing even the minor elements such as the eadings, hyperlink text, form field labels, URLS, etc.

Here is an example of how to tell a story below the fold:

After being enlightened by “The Story of the Fold” you are ready to return to your website and decide what story to tell and why. If you want any guidance contact Xynergy, Inc.® for any of your Web Design or Online Marketing needs.

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