What’s new in Fantasy Football this year?

What’s new in Fantasy Football this year?
Sue Swanback

Our good friend Jimmie Maverick has been hard at work creating an outstanding fantasy football draft tool to assist you in picking the best players for your teams.  This year the site sports a new design, great tips on draft strategy, and the new Value, Outlook, Reliability & Consistency (VORC) score to help you prioritize picks in each round of your Snake draft.  

The VORC score is a proprietary formula designed by Jimmie to surface the players that you really want, not the same players everyone else is trying to grab and will likely be gone by the time your pick comes up.  Jimmie steps you through your draft, round by round, giving you a list of the players that will be available to you and a VORC-ordered list to help you choose wisely.  He goes even beyond that to highlight the top three players in each round that you will probably be able to pick, based on your draft position.  

If you play multiple leagues, no problem.  There are predefined standard, PPR, and 1/2 point PPR profiles for your use, a special Tight End PPR profile new this year, and the ability to configure your own point schedules for other types of leagues.   

Jimmie says the draft is the single most important part of your fantasy season.  His draft app lets you get data-driven results without having to spend hours collecting statistics off the web and creating your own spreadsheets.  Let Jimmie be your analyst, while you have fun with your fantasy draft.  

Fantasy Football Maverick is an amazing tool that Jimmie spends countless hours perfecting.  Get an edge on your friends with Fantasy Football Maverick, because it’s more fun when you’re winning!