Google+ and SEO


The Google+ audience may not be as strong as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn but it’s almost mandatory to have a profile and be active. I think mandatory is the proper word due to Google showing more Google+ content in its organic and Adwords search results. It’s still early to completely understand the potential search/SEO benefits but some new Google+ news last week makes it a little more clear on Why we need to recommend that our clients sign up for it now: • Fresh content is important: Google+ profiles with no posts within the last 72 hours don’t show up in the “Related People/Pages” section of Google’s search results • Pages can matter more than profiles: Brand pages with a few thousand followers/circlers can appear in “Related People/Pages” ahead of individual profiles with a million or more followers/circlers • +1s matter: Profiles/pages that get a lot of +1s on their posts tend to show up more often in the “Related People/Pages” results • Comments and reshares don’t matter as much as +1s in helping to influence who/what shows up in “Related People/Pages” • Reach/follower count does make a difference

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