Why You Need a Mobile Site

Why You Need a Mobile Site

It's 2013 and technology is developing faster than time is flying. You now have the ability to monitor your bank account, receive a credit card payment, and stream television and movies without a WiFi signal, from anywhere in the world. You can read books, take exceptional photographs, look at your stock portfolio, and even talk to your phone! The phone will even converse with you, and tell you a story if you demand one!

With the technology that is available today, you can do more of your daily routine in a shorter period of time, and from anywhere in the world. Are you a deep sleeper? Buy an app that will wake you up in the morning. Do you like to read the newspaper with breakfast? Download the app for your favorite publication. Do you listen to the radio in the morning? You can now listen to your favorite music with the touch of a button, and you don't have to deal with pestering commercials or superficial disk jockeys!

You understand, right? Smartphones can perform thousands of functions that were not available three years ago. What's the result? MORE PEOPLE NOW HAVE SMARTPHONES! What does this mean from a business standpoint? You can sell anything to any person in the world at any given time! Let's visit this subject from the perspective of a small business owner.

Do you own a clothing boutique in Albuquerque, New Mexico? What if you could sell clothes to a woman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Alright, you can already do that with your current website; however, that woman may not have access to her desktop computer. Maybe she is clothes shopping from her car while she waits for her child to get out of school? What if this woman exists in every town in America and she represents dozens of women per town? This woman does exist, and she exists while she rides the bus to the store. This woman exists while she waits at the airport for her flight. She even exists at the supermarket!

If your website does not accommodate for mobile browsers, than you are missing hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales every second of the day. Let's further discuss moms. New statistics show that "93% of moms spent more time shopping on their cellphone in 2012 than in 2011, while 34% did more than half their shopping from their mobile device last year." Approximately 70% percent of mothers shop from a mobile device. One out of every three women even spent over eleven hours shopping for holiday gifts.

Now to throw social media into the equation. Did you know that 50% percent of mobile mothers use social networking apps to decide what to buy? What if you're not on social media? Then you just lost another dozen sales! And 60% percent of mobile mothers use retailer apps to decide what to buy! Lastly, 91% percent of mothers shop mostly for their kids or their family. It's not just one demographic that benefits from this!

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