ExpressionEngine is the Spawn of the CMS World

ExpressionEngine is the Spawn of the CMS World
Jennifer Frye

Let’s start with a little overview of these two...


Al Simmons was a highly trained assassin and was considered the best in the C.I.A. He was promoted to a higher level that dealt with the things that the U.S. government kept secret. When Simmons began to question whether or not they were correct in their intentions, a superior officer hired Simmons’ partner and friend to kill him.  In Hell, Simmons made a deal to sell his soul to a demonic being named Malebolgia in order to see his wife Wanda once again. When he returns to earth it is five years later as some kind of Hellspawn and does not remember anything about what he had done. Once he finally remembers what he had, he locates his wife only to find out that she has married his best friend and they now have a child together. After an interrupted battle with his demonic guide, Violator, Spawn realizes his purpose and must fight to survive against the forces of both Heaven and Hell.


ExpressionEngine (EE) is a robust and powerful modular developed by EllisLab. Unlike some CMS’s, EE does not require a lot of advanced knowledge of programming. The flexibility and easy-to-learn templating language has made it a popular choice for those who are not skilled in server side programming.

What makes ExpressionEngine the Spawn of the CMS world?

As far as CMSs and Superheroes go, both ExpressionEngine and Spawn are pretty popular. EE boasts a star-studded list of  features and is even used on sites like,,, and to name just a few. Although Spawn is not one of the most popular comic book characters, I still consider him to be pretty popular, with $54 plus million in ticket sales for the 1997 Spawn movie and 20+ years of Spawn comics in print.

A trait that both ExpressionEngine and Spawn have in common is complication. Spawn is complicated in many ways. Mostly I find his origin to be complicated in that there wasn’t just some freak accident that caused him to gain his powers. He was murdered by his operation partner, when he sold his soul to see his wife again

Another thing that Spawn and ExpressionEngine have in common is their high cost. In the case of Spawn, the high cost is his soul. In order to have the opportunity to see his wife Wanda again, he has to sell his soul to a demon in hell. Once he is returned to earth as a Hellspawn, the conditions under which he gets to see his wife are not exactly what he had in mind.

Even though ExpressionEngine is a robust and feature-rich CMS, some still might have a hard time shelling out $299 if they want to use it for their business. There is a free “core” version of the CMS, but it obviously does not include all of its features that the $299 version has.

Are you wanting to launch a new website that has all of the bells and whistles that EE sites offer? Don't let its comparison to Spawn intimidate you; it can be a great option. Just take a look at our EE sites.

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