TOPIC:   Pay-Per-Click and Content Advertising (PPC)


Reach, Relevance, and Reward (ROI): How does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords may not be easy to understand; but, of all of the online marketing tools available, it is potentially the most efficient. At the very least, it allows you to set your own maximum budget. If you don't want to spend big bucks then don't (You can still generate revenue with a dollar per day). Adwords was created by techies and for techies, so if average Joe wants to advertise his small business, he will have to spend several hours figuring out how to utilize things like Keywords, Click through Rate, and Quality score. The learning curve for Adwords is very…

PPC: Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords

Facebook Ads are awesome. Advertisers are able to target a very specific demographic based on age, sex, location, and interests, and easily track the performance of those ads. AdWords has a role to play though. Despite fraud and the risk of Ad Fatigue. AdWords works well to accomplish certain goals, like selling merchandise online. Think about the way that you interact with Google ads. For the most part you probably ignore the side bar, perhaps with an I-know-that-game attitude. What about the times you are shopping for a specific item? You have tried perhaps five search term combinations and you are receiving mediocre results.…

Keyword Targeting in Adwords - Rolling out in a few weeks!

Buying display campaigns through an interface will soon be a thing from the past. The new interface is built to run display campaigns and allow advertisers to bid, target, and optimize display campaigns in one place. Additionally, part of the launch will be called Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting. This allows marketers to optimize campaigns down to the individual keyword level. Enjoy this new tool!

Google+ and SEO

The Google+ audience may not be as strong as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn but it’s almost mandatory to have a profile and be active. I think mandatory is the proper word due to Google showing more Google+ content in its organic and Adwords search results. It’s still early to completely understand the potential search/SEO benefits but some new Google+ news last week makes it a little more clear on Why we need to recommend that our clients sign up for it now: • Fresh content is important: Google+ profiles with no posts within the last 72 hours don’t show up in the “Related…

How Google Reviews Your Ads

With over $36 billion spend in Google's advertising in 2011, Ads are supposed to be helpful for businesses to sell their products and increase consumer awareness to purchase these products. The questions is, when is too much and how does Google filter all the 'spam'?

Here is how it works...Google uses a combination of technologies and manual review to sort through and detect junk. Google spends millions of dollars each year building and modifying its technical architecture and learning models to mitigate this problem. The systems are designed to detect and remove ads that contain a virus and/pr fictitious download sites before these ads…