Facebook IPO: The Social Network


As the world watches the price of Facebook creep up and fall back to an even $38 dollars, many wonder how the world-famous IPO will change the social media giant. Surely, Mark Zuckerberg has a few tricks up his sleeves, but will the new owners of facebook demand to see them? Could Facebook find themselves forcing out ideas that aren't quite ready to be implemented? Finally, could Facebook really take off the same way google did, back in 2004? "Probably not" is the answer to most questions, but it's certainly far too early to tell. Zuckerberg probably does have a few ideas stirring, but I don't think anything outside of the obvious is in the mix. Facebook will probably expand their advertisement department as they prepare to increase revenue through Ad sales. If the AD boosts work, then Facebook will probably be in the clear and begin to steadily rise in stock value. On the other hand, the ADs could be presented poorly, leaving users flustered by overwhelming ADs, resulting in a flee from Facebook to another social media site. This would crush the stock of Facebook, and open the door for a new free site to take it's place. In reality, Facebook is so broad that it would takes years for any network to grow to that size. With Facebook, you can guarantee to find your friends, your loved ones, and a variety of people you want to follow. Even if the ADs are overwhelming, it won't result in a billion users switching platforms. It might result in 100 million finding new platforms, flatlining Facebook's stock at $38 per share. But, the effect would not be drastic.

For now, the IPO is a hot topic because we live in a capitalist society, and this is the new thing that could make us all millionaires (If we buy the stock). Facebook's IPO is the most prominent since google, but there will surely be others in the near future. As we proceed into the future of technology, we can rest assured that almost every aspect of our lives will be tied into the internet. Furthermore, as more commodities become available to the public, via computers, even more internet start-ups will be hitting the IPO scene. In conclusion, don't let the Facebook IPO take up too much of your extremely valuable time. Instead, trust that something just like this will happen in the future and you will have an easier time understanding it because you have seen Facebook's IPO. In the meantime, tell your employees to start writing on your company wall. If you need help, hire some help. We'd be happy to utilize social media for you to make sure that you are getting everything you need out of the Facebook IPO, and none of the excess waste. It's our job to monitor Facebook, and that's why were nerds (I mean experts).

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