6 Goals for Your Mobile Site

6 Goals for Your Mobile Site

With the rise of popularity of mobile devices it is very important to have a user-optimized mobile website that meets several key goals.

  1. Simple Design – Do not replicate your complex non-mobile website because the formatting will be incorrect when it appears on a smaller screen. Users have to use their fingers to click on links, zoom, and type so keep the website simple.
  2. Show only the Most Vital Information – Consumers who view a website on a mobile device are more likely to only be seeking directions, a service, or contact information than someone viewing the website on a desktop. Feature all of this information on the mobile website’s initial landing page: contact information, location, and main services. Mobile websites should be focused on the customer’s immediate needs and not on design or promoting social media.
  3. Call to Action - Call to action buttons should be large enough to be clicked easily with a finger. When the call to action contact button is pushed it should automatically dial or provide directions. These options should be placed at the top of the mobile website, so users can immediately take action.
  4. Fast Load Time – Load time has a huge influence on mobile websites because users want actionable information instantly. Speed has been shown to affect metrics such as conversion rate, abandonment rate, and time-on site.
  5. Format for Screen Size – Mobile tablets do not generally need their own tablet-optimized website because their screen size is similar to a desktop screen. If a huge amount of your website’s traffic is coming from tablets you may want to create a tablet-optimized site. On the other hand, mobile phones do require a mobile website to appear correctly formatted for their screen sizes.
  6. Make it Visible – The content should be visible and easy to read without zooming. The less zooming in and out users have to do on your website the faster they can retrieve information.

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