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Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Part One ORM, Defined

14 Apr, 2014 Xynergy Online Marketing

Just a few years ago, communication on the Internet was one-way. Businesses would communicate with their customers as if holding a megaphone. This top-down communication made the megaphone holder the ultimate authority. Sure, consumers had opinions, but they had no effective means of voicing them for the masses to hear.

Today, Internet communication is much more like a telephone than a megaphone. Businesses have the ability to communicate with their consumers, and boy do consumers have the ability to make their voices heard…by millions. One could argue that it is the consumer who holds more authority than the business/company.

You don’t have to be an…

Xynergy Launches Innovative Website for Client

11 Apr, 2014 Xynergy

Santa Fe, N.M. — Xynergy Web Design® recently launched an innovative website for Integrity Accounting, an accounting and consulting firm based out of Albuquerque, NM. With the goal of positioning the firm as the leading accounting and consulting business in Albuquerque in mind, Xynergy’s® team of expert designers, developers, copywriters and account managers worked together to bring Integrity’s vision to fruition.

Xynergy’s® keen eye for design and thorough attention to detail rocketed this site into the competitive realms of ‘new media’ website creation. The site’s design and function work together to form an unparalleled user experience, which simply can’t be overlooked today. Xynergy’s® implementation of parallax scrolling, a fresh scrolling technique in…