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So many reasons you don’t want to have your website hacked…now , SEO is another.

So many reasons you don’t want to have your website hacked…now , SEO is another.

Often times, we will hear from clients that they are not worried about having their site hacked because there isn’t any credit card information collected. Hacking sites is no longer a concern for online stores only. It is a concern for EVERYONE with a website. There are many reasons why having your site hacked can be a nightmare. One of these reasons is being hacked can negatively affect your SEO, most people don’t think about this or realize when it happens. But when it does...look out. When your site is hacked a search engine can pick up on it just by crawling your site.…

It’s All About Strategery When it Comes to Online Marketing

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According to research done by Smart Insights, about half of the companies who employ online marketing tactics don’t actually have a strategy. While this is startling at first read, it’s really not that surprising when you think about it. Online marketing relies heavily on time – the time it takes to think of great content, the time it takes to generate that content, and the time it takes to implement imperative marketing tasks – like scheduling frequent updates on social media platforms and posting blogs regularly.

Really, who has the time to do these things, let alone create a strategy that is easy to execute?…

Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Part Two: Responding to Reviews

According to a recent survey done by research firm, Dimensional Research, “90% of consumers say online reviews impact buying decisions.” So, if you’re operating under the notion that online reviews don’t matter, you’re wrong.


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The digital era in which we live is dictated by a 24/7 world of communication, discovery and opinion – it never stops. This means that your consumers can express their thoughts on your business offerings/products and their in-store experiences, etc. any time (day or night). And when they express their opinions – everyone gets to read them and in turn, forms their own opinions and ideas about who you are. Yikes, right?

It’s true:…

Customers Fed up with Logging Into Websites

Interested in gathering more concrete data about your customers to engage with them more effectively? We know that through Google Analytics business owners can view metrics such as page views, past purchases, bounce rate, etc. However, these metrics only provide so much information about your potential customer base, and these techniques suffer from data loss through deleted cookies, access from multiple devices, and purchases as gifts.


The previous technique for supplementing data on your website’s visitors was to collect information through site registration and login forms. As you know from experience, having to recover a password or fill out long forms is extremely…

6 Goals for Your Mobile Site

With the rise of popularity of mobile devices it is very important to have a user-optimized mobile website that meets several key goals.

Simple Design – Do not replicate your complex non-mobile website because the formatting will be incorrect when it appears on a smaller screen. Users have to use their fingers to click on links, zoom, and type so keep the website simple. Show only the Most Vital Information – Consumers who view a website on a mobile device are more likely to only be seeking directions, a service, or contact information than someone viewing the website on a desktop. Feature all of this…

E-Newsletter Keys to Success

E-Newsletters are the most valuable low-budget method for generating new sales. In order to do this, your E-Newsletter has to be entertaining and contain valuable content. Here are new ideas that are sure to help you grab your customers” attention:


Social Media – Use the social media following you have generated on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to gauge the type of content users respond to. Which updates and shares get likes, comments, tweets, and pins? What type of content are you providing in your most successful social media posts? You can even directly ask users what they want to see in their E-blasts. You…

Google+ Updates

Google announced several key upgrades to their Google Plus social network. Here are the new improvements you can look forward to:


Formatted Content - Users will now see columns of content based on the size of their device's screen. Stunning Media - Videos and photos have become more prominent with their enhancement to fit the entire width of the stream. Fancy Animations - Google+ has customized even further with new in stream animations: a bouncing sharebox, interactive cards, and sliding menus Automatic Hash Tags – Google+ will now add hash tags to posts to connect users with related topics. These hash tags can be removed at any…

How to Measure Social Media Success

Every business that has started a social media account to promote their business has wondered how this effort translates into profit. The truth is that no one really knows what a like, an interaction, or a view means for your business. If this is the case, which social media metrics are worth measuring? Mashable asked a collection of entrepreneurs what strategies they employ to gauge their social media success.  

Shane Snow - Contently Tracks: Reach, engagement, and influence. Reach gives an idea of who saw your content (page views and social impressions). Engagement measures who consumed your content (total minutes spent on…

Why Content Marketing Sells

Content Marketing is a clever way to connect your brand to customers without trying to sell your product. By using content marketing you can build your brand without having to shamelessly promote yourself. Content marketing seamlessly integrates with content that is targeted at customers who are actively looking for content in the form of reviews, tips, posts, or videos. If you are new to the idea of content marketing this list of guidelines will help you make the right impression on your potential customers.

1.Do not cut corners on design for your website – Although the focus here is on the quality of…

What is a Virtual Private Server and why would I want one?

As many of our wonderful clients already know, we offer website hosting as part of our service offering. We do this for many reasons. First of all, it ensures we can offer a technically up-to-date platform upon which to build your site. Many companies who do primarily web hosting are sometimes far behind the technical curve because they can't afford to upgrade too fast, or it can break websites. Second, if something goes wrong on your site, we don't have to guess what the hosting company may have changed, or work through third party technical support who may be based in India.…

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