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4 Important Changes Google Made in March

15 Apr, 2013 Xynergy Uncategorized

Google has released a list of 44 changes that it made to its search algorithm in the month of March. Unfortunately they were presented in a rather unfriendly blog post. Here are some of the highlights:

%, $, \, ., @, #, and + are now recognized as normal characters so you can search for math equations. There is now improved search performance for Tennis, Russian Hockey, and UEFA Champions League games. App search is now platform-specific. So if you search for an app on your IPhone you will get different search results than if you search from an Android. Image search will now…

SEO VS Social

There was a time that SEO and social were two entirely separate departments. During this time, a successful company had a social team and an SEO team and the two rarely mingled. At this time, it made sense…SEO was all about being found in a search, and social media was about keeping those intrigued about your product or service if they had already found your brand. SEO set the bait and social kept ‘em on the hook.These days, SEO and social are completely inseparable. Customers can just as easily find a company through Twitter as they can Google — and those social media…

PPC: Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords

8 Feb, 2013 Xynergy Uncategorized

Facebook Ads are awesome. Advertisers are able to target a very specific demographic based on age, sex, location, and interests, and easily track the performance of those ads. AdWords has a role to play though. Despite fraud and the risk of Ad Fatigue. AdWords works well to accomplish certain goals, like selling merchandise online. Think about the way that you interact with Google ads. For the most part you probably ignore the side bar, perhaps with an I-know-that-game attitude. What about the times you are shopping for a specific item? You have tried perhaps five search term combinations and you are receiving mediocre results.…

Google+ and SEO

30 Nov, 2012 Xynergy Uncategorized

The Google+ audience may not be as strong as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn but it’s almost mandatory to have a profile and be active. I think mandatory is the proper word due to Google showing more Google+ content in its organic and Adwords search results. It’s still early to completely understand the potential search/SEO benefits but some new Google+ news last week makes it a little more clear on Why we need to recommend that our clients sign up for it now: • Fresh content is important: Google+ profiles with no posts within the last 72 hours don’t show up in the “Related…

How Local Businesses are using Gamification to their Advantage

9 Nov, 2012 Xynergy Uncategorized

Foursquare is an app that recognizes where you are in the world. It then shows you everything interesting nearby on a color-coded map – your friends, places that are trending (in yellow), places on your favorites lists (green), places with Specials (orange), and places that are popular (blue). All the interesting places update automatically. Foursquare gamifies the shopping experience. When users patronize a business they earn points and provide their demographic information. Businesses can choose to reward points with special promotions, or not. The Advertiser can then use that demographic data to track trends over time including gender, age, origin, and…

Analytics: If You Do Not Have Them You Are Crazy

24 Aug, 2012 Xynergy Uncategorized

If you spend any money at all on Internet marketing you need to have an analytics solution in place. If you are selling products directly through your website and you do not have a way to study your traffic patterns you are insane.

Garnering traffic, engagement, brand awareness, and conversions are the goals of any online marketing effort. And sure, you may know how many conversions you get on your website. You may even have an idea about how much traffic is coming to your website and how engaged your users are. What you do not know, if you are lacking…

3 Reasons to Create Seperate Brands and Websites

13 Jul, 2012 Xynergy Uncategorized

Lets say that you run a business that has several aspects to it. Perhaps you have a hotel with a separate restaurant or a casino with a spa and a golf course. You should develop separate brands and websites for those aspects of your business. Here are three reasons why:

1 - Improved Demographic Targeting - By separating the marketing for the brands your message can be more relevant to each customer base. For example if you have a separate social media channel for your golf course you can post content that golfers find interesting or target them with a promotion…

Interesting New Geo-messaging Service for Smart Phones

16 Dec, 2011 Xynergy Uncategorized

There is a cool new messaging service for mobile devices out there. It’s called vibe and it is still very small but the concept is an intriguing one. It is free, anonymous, and reliant on GPS. You can send out messages to a radius of your choice, be it your apartment building, your neighborhood, or your city. With only 12,000 users Vibe is by no means a social media giant. It has gained most of those users, however, in the past few weeks. The service has gained traction with the savvy occupy Wall Street movement because it allows people to organize with…